Floor Grinding & Diamond Polishing

Floor Grinding

Diamond based concrete grinding prepares horizontal surfaces and levels and evens out uneven concrete surfaces. The removal of coatings and adhesive residue can also be achieved, providing a key for replacement coatings.

Cost-effectiveness makes diamond grinding an important and appealing alternative for many concrete projects. Atlantic Construction Services are specialists in diamond grinding, a technique that corrects irregularities such as faulting and roughness on concrete surfaces.

Diamond grinding removes surface irregularities caused by construction curling, slab warping, faulting, and roughness caused by construction work. The most immediate effect of diamond grinding is a significant improvement in the riding smoothness of concrete surfaces.

Atlantic Construction Services grinded floors are environmentally friendly, durable, maintenance free and easy to clean

Diamond Polished Concrete

Diamond Polished Concrete is the newest addition in specialist services offered by Atlantic Construction Services . Diamond Polished Concrete floors are beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain and clean.

Whether your floor is old or new, Diamond Polishing produces a smooth, glossy, non-slip, durable and attractive concrete floor. It is ideal for retail stores, warehouses, offices, show rooms, manufacturing facilities, and public buildings.

Diamond Polished floors make the whole room seem brighter. Diamond Polishing increases ambient light reflection by an estimated 30% as compared to unfinished concrete.

Our eco friendly techniques use no coatings, waxes, solvents or volatile organic compounds. Our grinding machines filter most air born dust and generate no slurry. Diamond polishing is odourless, non-flammable and environmentally safe.

Diamond Polishing is also lower in initial costs compared to other floor coverings. For example ordering a diamond polished concrete floor service with a marble finish from Atlantic Construction Services will cost a fraction of the price of laying down real marble. In addition, maintenance costs can prove to be a fraction of maintaining tile or carpet floors.

Diamond polished concrete is ideal for an array of applications including: Factory Floors, Household Domestic floors, Concrete Patios, Concrete Piers. This type of work can also be done outdoors with spectacular results!

Concrete Milling & Shot Blasting

Concrete Milling

Concrete Floor Milling is the bulk removal of concrete (between 5mm and 50mm deep) from a concrete floor. Concrete milling machines leave a coarse texture that is suitable for relaying tiles. The consumables that are used in concrete milling are Tungsten Carbide Cutting Teeth, which are inexpensive and widely available.
There are a number of reasons concrete floors are milled. The first is if the concrete slab is in poor condition and require the top 5mm to 25mm removed as a part of flooring restoration. After the floor is milled there are a number of processes that the contractor can follow with. Contractors can lay tiles directly onto the milled texture. The can also grind the milled texture in preparation for epoxies/resins/coatings.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting consists of attacking the surface of the floor metal shots. This is done to remove something on the surface of the floor such as scale, rust, paint or texturing. The device that throws the shot is either a large air gun or spinning paddles which hurl the shot off their blades.

The advantage of shot blasting is that it is much cleaner and recycles the blast medium. Abrasive blasting equipment is the industry's most cost-effective and environmentally safe way to remove dirt, paint, coatings and other contaminants from floor surfaces while providing a suitable profile for proper bonding.

Shot blasting is the preferred method to provide a sufficient profile for coatings and to remove things such as Carpet glue, VCT Adhesives, Thin Set Paint. This can be done while maintaining a virtually dust free environment