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Diamond Core

Atlantic Construction Services is Ireland’s leading specialists in Concrete Drilling. We possesse an array of drilling machines to suit any of your needs. Diamond Drilling is a clean and highly effective way to core holes out of concrete efficiently and quickly providing a smooth clean circular cut.

Core Drilling is perfect for
creating openings for:




Diamond Core Drills consist of a hollow cylindrical steel drill bit with industrial diamond edges. The drill bit is powered by various types of drill machines depending on the application. The machine is attached to a rig which is bolted to the concrete being cored. The Machines are maintained to the highest standard and are operated by highly trained and experienced core drillers.

Atlantic Construction Services has the ability to core holes ranging from 16 millimetres to 1000millimetres (1metre). Drilling depths can be easily extended using barrel extensions, allowing us to drill to unlimited depths. Atlantic Construction Services also offers inverted drilling and drilling at numerous angles.

Stitch Drilling

Using Diamond Core Drilling techniques Atlantic Construction Services also offer stitch drilling. This is done by drilling a series of overlapping holes to create the opening. Using this technique results in no limit to the depth of the opening needed and is a perfect alternative when sawing cannot be carried out.