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Wall / Track Sawing

A Wall Saw or Track Saw is a track mounted saw that is used to cut precise dimensions in walls and floors. Typical uses include cutting windows, doors, HVAC openings, elevator and stair openings, and separation cuts for demolition contractors.

Wall Sawing is perfect for

Precise Door


Controlled structural

Our Wall saws can cut up to 850 millimetres (34 inches) from one side. They can be set on any angle, and can cut flush to adjacent surfaces. Common applications include cutting concrete; pre cast concrete, brick, and cinder block. The track is secured to the structure which is to be cut; this can be measured with absolute precision so an exact cut can be made. If greater depth is required Atlantic Construction Services can employ the Diamond Wire Saw to make the cut.

We use 3 phase 63A or 32A power packs, which provide power to the hycycle wallsaw head, where the blade & guards are attached (None of these parts weigh more than 25kg, manual handling is not an issue). The saws are radio / remotely controlled therefore any risk to the operator is greatly reduced.